Case Study

The Contact

The Clyde Shopping Centre were looking to increase the storage on their 52 camera CCTV system from 31 days to 6 months. Palmaris were approached, to help ascertain the best way in providing the Clyde with this, as the current system in place could not be expanded to that extent. There were three solutions put forward to the Centre Management Team, headed by Andrew Forrester, each solution at a different price point and each with an increasing number of benefits, scaled to the cost.

Services Provided

  • Security Services
  • Providing an Enterprise Level Hybrid system from Bosch
  • Consisting of a bank of Network Encoders and Divar IP Network Recorders with 48 Terabytes of RAID 5 Storage

Fast Facts

Quality and Reliability

Along with the Bosch name comes a strong reputation for robust, reliable, high quality equipment

Open Protocol System

Bosch as one of the founders of the ONVIF (IP industry standard for open protocol systems) ensure that their platform will work with a huge variety of different manufacturers, allowing future expansions / replacements on the system to be chosen on the basis of the best fit for the application.

Business Intelligence via Analytics

Analytics features such as footfall monitoring, heat mapping could be made available on future IP cameras added to the system.

IP platform

The advantage of having an IP platform at the heart of the system, is that it allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of future expansion and upgrades.

Client Testimonials

Palmaris have delivered exactly what they said they would from the outset. The system proposed and installed, has surpassed all of our expectations (management & operatives) and given us a robust, future proofed platform to build upon. The remit was to provide 6 months’ worth of storage, however even without having changed the existing cameras at this stage we have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of live and recorded images, along with introduction of an extremely intuitive and user friendly front end, allowing our security operatives to carry out their jobs with greater efficiency

Andrew Forrester

Centre Manager, Clyde Shopping Centre