About Us

About Palmaris Services Ltd

Palmaris Services Ltd has been delivering Facility Services to the Scottish marketplace for over 20 years where it has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality services. In 2001, we were acquired by Paterson Quarries Ltd allowing the company to operate from a strong financial platform. This has allowed for significant investment programmes to position Palmaris competitively within its marketplace. Today, Palmaris has built an extensive client list across all markets where facility services are required. We pride ourselves on our customer relations and have achieved over the last 5 years a client retention rate of over 98%.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission underpins everything we do as a business.

“…To allow our customers to focus on their core business by providing reliable, integrated and cost effective services that are based completely on their facilities needs.”

The Palmaris Principles

The Palmaris Principles are statements that encapsulate the beliefs and values that are the very foundation of our business. We have created them for our staff and customers and we hold ourselves responsible for adhering to these principles in every business decision we make.

Principle One: We will focus on building positive relationships

We’ll do this by actively seeking feedback, listening to our staff and customers and then acting accordingly.

Principle Two: We will create opportunities

We recognise that for our staff to feel fulfilled and happy, they need the opportunity to learn, grow and build their careers. We will actively aim to create such opportunities, so that our people, our customers and our business can benefit.

Principle Three: We will be guided by what customers want and need

As our mission is to allow customers to focus on their core business, the services we offer will be guided by what our customers need and what we believe will truly help them. We will therefore never sell or provide a service unless we are confident that it is the best fit for a customer’s needs.

Principle Four: We will embrace change

Our mission and our principles form the basis of the Palmaris Best Fit Guarantee, a promise to our customers that we are fully focused on delivering a tailored service that is formed with their specific requirements in mind.

Best Fit

The Best Fit Guarantee

One of our founding principles is to be guided by what our customers want and need. This is the inspiration behind the Palmaris Best Fit Guarantee — a guarantee assuring our customers that we will:

Listen first and act second

Because to truly offer a service that best answers a customer’s needs we need to listen to and understand their requirements and pain points.

Never sell just to make sales

Instead only recommending and offering quality services that we know will be the best fit for our customer and therefore bring the most benefit to them.

Welcome businesses both big and small

Because for us the best fit means offering a service that fits a customer’s business size, requirements and budget.

Work Collaboratively

Even if a competitor is looking after one area of a customer’s business, we are happy to work on another — because if this gets the best results for our client, we are content.

Offer a completely tailored service

Whether we offer one service, or multiple services in an integrated manner, we’ll always tailor our services.

Look out for the Best Fit logo, a mark we have created to assure our customers that we have listened to and considered their specific needs.